Wednesday, February 4, 2009

El callejón de los milagros

This film was very indicative of modern Mexican culture. Enlightening common problems and issues of members of Mexico City's working class. It also touches on many themes that are prominent throughout the movies we have seen so far in class such as machismo, gender relations, notions of the family and of national identity as well as the battle between traditional values and modern more liberal ideologies that the people of Mexico have been influenced by. We seen this with the contrast between the old and young characters. The older characters are frustrated with their lives in the barrio and have come to terms that they will probably be stuck their for the remainder of their lives. On the other hand the young protagonists have a longing and hope for a life full of love and better economic standing and the desire to emigrate to the United States to make enough money to try to rise in the social class structure of Mexico and be able to marry into a higher class. Throughout the film we see the transformation Mexico went through in the late 20th century from a closed market economy to a participant of the Americanized global culture. The director to some extent is critical of this route to embracing modernization and opening up national boarders.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mecánico nacional

Mecánico nacional

Me gusto la película. La historia era simple pero si era interesante considerar cómo el director demostró la cultura y el nacionalismo Mexicano. También pensé que era interesante cómo los Gringos o los extranjeros eran demostrados. El autor indicó a los gringos como males informados o aún estúpidos que no saben cómo funciona la cultura Mexicano. La película también demostró cómo la cultura americana tenía un impacto en cultura Pop mexicano jugando canciones americanas durante la fiesta. También el autor se burlo de la clase alta. En la película había una pareja rica en un coche de lujo y en el partido fueron demostradas comiendo y comiendo como animales. La película enseno todas partes de la sociedad Mexicano usando bromas y burlas de todos tipos de personas que representa varios caracteres de la sociedad.